Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge

SwimRun is growing around the world, and so is the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge. As the premier SwimRun series in Canada we continue to add more events each year, and in 2024 we are moving beyond Canadas borders, with races in the United States.

Our events range from our Mudskipper Mini 6K races to our standard Mudskipper event with distances between 17 and 25K. Something for everyone. We invite you to come out and give our Mudskipper SwimRun events a try.

Canaqua Sports goes International with Mudskipper Events

Canaqua Sports continues to grow with new races in Canada and beyond. For the first time ever, the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge, combined with our open-water swimming events (Mudskipper Swim) will be opening in the United States in 2024, and we are working on opening in the U.K. and Europe in 2025.

Calling All Race Directors

Canaqua Sports is looking to grow the Mudskiper SwimRun Challenge and we are looking for people who are interested to join us in growing the sport of SwimRun across North America. If you are interested in knowing more contact us at

What is a Mudskipper

Mudskippers are amphibious fish. There are 32 living species of mudskipper. They are known for their unusual appearance and their ability to survive both in and out of water.

What is a SwimRun? A multi-stage event where participants survive both in and out of the water.

What is a Mudskipper SwimRun - The best event around where participants get to swim and run over a designated distance.

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ONLINE ORDERING from Canaqua Sports

From Wetsuits to Mudskipper branded items, Canaqua Sports is pleased to offer a variety of items to help make your open water swim and swimrun experience even better than before. Have a look at the variety of items that we offer. For Sumarpo items you can order select items here, or you can see their entire line-up by clicking on the Sumarpo logo and viewing their entire website.


As an eco-friendly company that strives to bring people back to the water and the trails where we run our events. With that in mind we have partnered with 2 great companies that promote swimming and the environment. Please support these two companies and help us make a difference!

Sumarpo Wetsuits

Canaqua Sports is very excited to introduce our Series Sponsor Sumarpo wetsuits, an up and coming California based company that provides wetsuits and other swim related accessories for the open water swim, swimrun, and triathlon communities.

Sumarpo creates 100% eco-friendly wetsuits, and is part of 1% for the planet, a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organizations working together to support people and the planet. Their philosophy fits in well with Canaqua Sports and our emphasis on using eco friendly products wherever possible and making sure to minimize their carbon footprint at all of our events.

Check out Sumarpo's entire line-up by clicking here. You will be glad you did.

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Swim Drink Fish Canada

Swim Drink Fish Canada is a national charity focused on celebrating, restoring, and protecting all water bodies. Swim Drink Fish is making a local impact on waters across the county and beyond through its affiliate monitoring network, water literacy programs, investigative projects, and restoration projects. By signing up to support Swim Drink Fish in its fundraising efforts, you will be a part of a movement of people stepping up to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. For more details visit or reach out to

Canaqua Sports


With the growth of both open water swimming and swimrun around the globe, Canaqua Sports, is now looking to grow beyond Canada’s borders as we look to bring our open water events, and the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge in to the United States, Europe, and beyond. Whether you have an existing event or are looking to start something new. We are here to help make your event the best it can be. For more information please contact us at any time at

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